The automation of your gate can take various forms. The various possibilities of gate automation include:

  • Linear Gate Openers
  • Articulated arm gate openers
  • Underground automation
  • Sliding automation

There are so many models and techniques on the market that consumers often find it difficult or impossible to choose. In this area it is best to ask for help and rely on an expert.

Which technique / model you choose depends on your personal taste (model / type) and the type of gate (closed / open / light / heavy) and environment (high wind / no wind). The advantages and disadvantages of each form of automation can be read here:

Linear Gate Openers
This form of gate automation is the most common. The price of linear gate openers is generally slightly lower than articulated gate openers. Another advantage of this form of automation is the installation thereof (less complicated) and variation in the model and power.

Articulated arm gate openers
The articulated arm gate automation is more common for gates that are mounted on a post. The advantage of this form of gate automation is that with its diversity in power, it can apply the force to the right point to open and close the gate. . The disadvantage is that the arms of the articulated gate opener need more space to move, but it is not often that a garden has too little space for it. Due to the good technology of our suppliers, we can even offer the best articulated arm motors that can be mounted on narrow posts (10*10cm).

Underground automation
Underground automation is for enthusiasts who want the appearance of their gate to be as slick as possible from all views. They want to enjoy an automated gate without the visibility of the engine. This provides the optimum look and appearance of your new gate. The disadvantage of an underground gate automation is that it can develop complications due to the moisture content of the soil and other conditions. As a result, the automation can no longer function fully and the entire gate has to be removed to solve this problem. Installing the motors in the ground also requires more effort than other variants.

Sliding automation
The sliding automation is often chosen for the sleek, but also more classic models. The advantage of a sliding gate automation is that it has a chic look. Sliding gate automation is often chosen for business premises or entrances that offer its user little parking space. The disadvantage of sliding gate automation is that it requires more material than all other forms of gate automation. As a result, the costs of this form of automation can be higher.